Guidance is available for physical and mental challenges, either through face-to-face consultations or at distance. James Gee has trained extensively to empathise with invalids, is generally able to sense the psychological issues which contribute to their disease states, and works to assist clients in resolving these. The results can be highly significant – successes have included reported improvements in conditions such as Asthma, Arthritis, Cancer, Colitis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, Repetitive Strain Injury, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and tissue abnormalities, as well as musculoskeletal pain, serious injuries and mobility issues in the aftermath of accidents.


James’ qualifications include certification as a Spiritual Healer from the Avatar Energy Mastery Institute in Florida:



 and as a Personal Trainer with the YMCA.


He has also undertaken the following informal studies:

Three years training with Cheyne Towers, a hypnotherapist based in North London, who imparted many insights about relaxation, body alignment, and the basics of meditation.

Six months training in Massage.

Participation in various meditation and psychotherapeutic retreats.

Short courses in Cranio-Sacral Therapy, which were very useful in aiding an understanding of subtle skeletal processes and how joint pain or misalignment may be remedied.

Six months training in Energy Healing with Michael O’Doherty and Tom Griffin, co-founders of The Plexus Bio-Energy Institute in Ireland.


To book sessions, please call 07493 936 333