Guidance is available for physical and mental challenges, as well as relationship, financial or other life issues, through personal ‘Readings’. These are performed by examination of the human aura, which can be sensed and interacted with by practitioners trained in meditation. Such subtle fields of ‘Energy’, referred to in many healing traditions, are believed to exist within and beyond the body and express the condition of its tissues, as well as the emotional state and mood of a patient, in vibrational form. To a therapist sensitive enough, each individual can be perceived as broadcasting unique frequencies which reveal information about their character and physical status.

It is these which are analysed during Readings, enabling much to be divined about past traumas, stresses or other influences which contribute to illness. Once they are identified, clients can be helped to recognise and address them, both through receiving bodywork and also learning relaxation techniques they can use to facilitate their own healing.

With a clear emphasis on emotional well-being, Psychic Readings are an excellent opportunity to explore the holistic nature of situations, and in particular how ones’ attitudes are affecting their health or circumstances. Results can be significant, with reported improvements in many conditions, following sessions.

Readings are available through face-to-face consultations or at distance, via telephone.

James Gees’ qualifications include certification as a Spiritual Healer, from the Avatar Energy Mastery Institute in Florida:

 and certification as a Personal Trainer, with the YMCA.

He has also undertaken the following, informal studies:

Three years training with Cheyne Towers, a hypnotherapist based in North London, who imparted many insights about relaxation, body alignment, and the basics of meditation.

Six months training in Massage.

Participation in various meditation and psychotherapeutic retreats.

Short courses in Cranio-Sacral Therapy, which were very useful in aiding an understanding of subtle skeletal processes and how joint pain or misalignment may be remedied.

Six months training in Energy Healing with Michael O’Doherty and Tom Griffin, co-founders of The Plexus Bio-Energy Institute in Ireland.

To book sessions, please call 07493 936 333